How my New Look Helped Another Person

If you take a look at the video below you’ll notice that something is missing… 10 inches of hair! Click the video to hear how my change, changed someone else! P.S. If you’re looking for an organization to donate your hair, I gave to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for women with cancer.

What to do When you Feel Really Sad

Over the past couple months it seems like the world has been hit with one tragedy after another. These situations leave us feeling heavy, scared, vulnerable, but most of all helpless. When we feel like there’s nothing we can do we get disconnected. In today’s video I share how to reconnect when you feel really upset.

 Click play to find out what to do when you feel helpless:



How do you reconnect when you’re feeling really sad? Leave comments below sharing how you’ve helped someone else this week!