parent pep talk: choosing to be in charge rather than in control with Parent Coach Mary Van Geffen

Parent coach, Mary Van Geffen joins us to explain the distinction between being in charge versus in control and why it’s so important when it comes to parenting teens. In this pep talk, we chat over-responsibility in parenting, redefining success, and what your teens really need from you. Mary even gives us an example of how this plays out in her own home so you can directly implement in your own life.

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compassionate response meditation workshop

calm in chaos


parent pep talk: how not to drown in what your kids throw at you

Your child comes home from middle/high school upset. Your kid calls you overwhelmed at college. If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’ve been in these situations at some point and it’s painful! You know it’s something your kids have to figure out on their own, but you also want to swoop in… then they seem to move on and you’re still in all the stress. In this pep talk, I’m sharing what it really means when we get stuck in our kids’ stuff, what you can do to help yourself and your kids, and what a regulation ritual looks like.


what happens when we don’t deal with feelings

Ever notice how past events can get pulled into the present? Sometimes it’s from undealt with feelings. In this episode, I share what the difference between “little t” trauma and “big T” trauma is, how the past shows up in the present, and where unfelt feelings pop up!