The Life Lesson I Learned from Beyonce

If you’ve been around me, then you already know I LOVE Beyonce. Last week my sister and I saw Queen Bey at the Barclays Center and it was incredible to say the least! As I watched her I kept thinking that she must really believe in herself to have such great stage presence. Click play to hear the life lesson I learned from Beyonce.








Why we all Need a Mentor

I call my work Modern Mentoring, which is just a fancy word for big sister. I’m the big sis in my family and it was sometimes hard having to do everything first. When I needed advice I had to find someone who had done it before me. Mentors have been SO important in my life and that’s why I love my job!



How to Accept the Things you Can’t Change

The other day when I missed a bus I needed to be on I felt myself begin to get super upset. Instead of going all the way into crazytown I remembered that there are always different ways to look at a situation. Here’s how I accepted the things I couldn’t change.