The Best Advice I got from a Student

I always say I have the best job in the world. I learn just as much from the girls I mentor as they do from me. Today I’m sharing the best advice I got from a student! So good!






The Best of 2014!

This year has been incredible! It’s been such a pleasure to guide you and I wanted to share my top videos of  2014! Thanks for making this year so special!


What to do if you’re not Invited to a Party 



How I Stopped Gossiping 



What to do when you’re Mad at Yourself 



What to do when you can’t Invite all your Friends to your Birthday Party 



How to be Popular 



How to Receive a Compliment

Ever feel awkward when someone compliments you? Yup, a lot of us do! Here’s the deal: feeling worthy is the root of accepting all compliments. Click the video to learn how to feel great when someone says something nice about you!

Group Coaching FAQ

With Girls Group Coaching around the corner, I’ve been getting lots of questions. What are these workshops anyway??? Check out the video to hear all about what it is, who it’s for, and what we do! P.S. I totally wish I had this when I was in middle and high school!