What to do when you Hate the Number on the Scale

I don’t know one person who hasn’t at one point or another been hard on themselves about their weight. A few weeks ago girls asked me about this in mentoring and the next night my friends brought it up at dinner. It’s a universal “Me too,” experience.¬†We humans have attached a lot of meaning to what we see on the scale, which is a waste of energy. Your weight is not an accurate measurement of who you are as a person. Real happiness comes from the inside out; not what you see on a scale. Check out the video for some body love advice:






How to get in the Habit of Liking your Body

Sometimes it’s hard to like the way you look. When we think or do negative things to our bodies, it can become a habit without us even knowing it. In today’s video, I’m giving step by step advice for creating happy body habits. You were given your body so that you could share your gifts, not get upset when it doesn’t look the way you want. Check out this video to learn how to make liking yourself a habit!











The Real Way to Get Bikini Ready in Time for Spring Break

It’s definitely that spring break time of year when every magazine is telling me how to “Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days!” or “How to Fit into your Bikini in Time to Hit the Beach!” Let me save you the trouble and tell you that those quick fixes don’t work. Wouldn’t you want to feel great about your body all of the time?

I know that it’s not always easy to love your body. I’ve struggled with it especially as a dancer, but these tips I share have completely changed the way I think about how I look and that’s why I know they can work for you.

Click play to learn about the real way to get bikini ready in time for spring break.






As always self-love is a practice, which means some days will be easier than others, but focusing on your thoughts and actions can help you make a shift that you can stick with for the long run.