The Only Resolution you Need to get Everything you Want

Last week I wrote an article for Spire & Co after everything online told me about different ways to improve myself for 2016. Now, I’m all about a fresh start, but instead of changing yourself, I have a different resolution for you: santosha. Santosha is a Sanskrit word meaning contentment. It’s to recognize that you are enough as you are. We ladies feel the pressure to be all the things. We need to be good at every school subject, be in a certain friend group, maintain a specific body type, and post it all online. Those are just things on the outside trying to make us feel better on the inside. Santosha challenges us to know what you need you already have within yourself.

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How to Handle the Sunday Scaries

I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m sharing with you a blog that you might need on Sunday. Sunday scaries are when you start to dread Monday and it lowers your vibe. This especially happens after the holidays! You have to get back into the school routine, do any homework you might have forgotten, and spring break feels far away. Today I’m sharing how to beat the Sunday blues!



My Creative Secret to Falling Asleep at Night

Winding down at night can be a challenge. I know because it’s one of the questions I get asked the MOST. Today I’m sharing my little creative secret to help shut down all the thoughts in your head so you can actually get to sleep!





Maggie in Yoga Journal


Yoga teacher Maggie DiPasquale says music is essential for setting the tone in her teen classes and offers tips for choosing songs that move teens. Get inspired by this summer playlist she created for YJ.


Yoga Journal Press Crop

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Modern Mentor Program Trailer!

I’m so excited to share a video I made with my students back in April. I wanted to take away any nerves when it came to starting the Modern Mentor Program by having the girls be the ones to explain it. If you’ve ever been apprehensive about trying a group I hope this helps! Thank you to all the girls who participated and big thanks to LoYa in Summit for use of their BEAUTIFUL space! I feel very grateful!

Modern Mentor Program Trailer from Maggie DiPasquale on Vimeo.

The Best Advice I got from a Student

I always say I have the best job in the world. I learn just as much from the girls I mentor as they do from me. Today I’m sharing the best advice I got from a student! So good!






How to do a Headstand

My girls LOVE headstands and lucky for them this yoga pose is really good for you. Going upside down brings fresh oxygen to your brain, improves digestion, and is tons of fun! In this video I breakdown how to do a  headstand with the help of one of my students!







How to get in the Habit of Liking your Body

Sometimes it’s hard to like the way you look. When we think or do negative things to our bodies, it can become a habit without us even knowing it. In today’s video, I’m giving step by step advice for creating happy body habits. You were given your body so that you could share your gifts, not get upset when it doesn’t look the way you want. Check out this video to learn how to make liking yourself a habit!










How to Text the Boy you Like

Lately, I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to talk to the person you like and let me tell you, I sometimes get tripped up too. Click to hear what I remember when I’m texting with the person I dig!

What I Posted on Instagram vs What Really Happened

Last week, I read a post by a blogger who revealed what really happened behind her Instagram pictures. Feeling inspired, I’m sharing my Insta feed, but I’m taking it a step further. I always tell my students to ask themselves WAIP (Why Am I Posting) before they upload, so today I’m going to show you why I posted the pictures I did (and what didn’t make the cut).



Why Am I Posting:

My intern and I are working hard on creating Modern Mentor give-aways this summer and if you’re one of my students, I’ve been talking about these babies for awhile! I posted this picture because I wanted to make girls happy knowing they’d get cute MM gear soon!

What I Didn’t Post:

I did lots of work at a cafe, held a private group, and had a private one-on-one session. At night, I took a yoga class, ate a healthy dinner, and read a book before bed. Trying to be really present in my everyday life means not taking pictures of everything.


Why Am I Posting:

I posted nothing.

What I Didn’t Post:

Busy day! In the morning, I visited my family in town from Texas on the Upper East Side. After, I walked through the park to a meeting on the Upper West Side, while on my phone for another meeting. I took pictures of the Central Park Zoo, but didn’t post because they were just for me. No pictures of my meeting on the UWS because we were too busy chatting.

My friend and I met our mentor, Gabby, for lunch. We haven’t seen each other in awhile and spent all our time catching up, not on our phone. I got my nails done then headed back to the apartment to send out a bunch of emails before the end of the day.

In the evening, I met friends for dinner. We had Mexican food and if I posted all the tacos I’ve eaten this summer, my whole entire feed would be food. There were tons of opportunities for posting pics, but I don’t need to show I’m having fun because I’m too busy having fun!



Why Am I Posting:

I went with my sister and a friend to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park. It was so peaceful. I’m always amazed that in the middle of the concrete jungle there is this gorgeous green park. It’s a metaphor for life. You can always find inner peace, even when life around you gets crazy. It was very meditative. I wanted to share and inspire!

What I Didn’t Post:

In the morning, my sister and I got coffee at a cute little place before I headed to my friend’s awesome yoga class. I didn’t post pictures of the crazy poses we did because I was too busy being upside-down! After, I met up with my sister and our friend for brunch before heading to the garden.


Why Am I Posting:

You know how I tell you to be active, get moving, and make sure you take care of your body? I just wanted to show you that I take my own advice and inspire you to move your body!

What I Didn’t Post

My sister and I met my mom and dad for a family dinner with our cousins in from France. I tried escargot (which just tastes like lots of butter). Took pictures of the snails, but it stayed in my personal file because I didn’t think it was inspiring. After dinner, I met my friends visiting from Boston. I was too busy having fun to post pictures.



Why Am I Posting:

I was so happy to meet another friend in from Boston for brunch. We went to a really cute place where the sugar had quotes on it. I felt inspired by the sweetness and wanted to pass it along.

What I Didn’t Post

Walking through the city, catching up with my friend, making lunch for my grandparents, being super tired, going to bed at 9:30pm.

So there you go, my weekend on Instagram. Now, what feels authentic for me is going to be different for you, but I hope this inspires you to really WAIP before you post!