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    An Easy Way to Up your Vibe

    One of the most important parts of managing stress is to figure out your inner dialogue. I’ve been working with my students on this little trick that’s a super easy way to change your energy. Check out this video for more positive vibes.     …

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    Advice I got from John Mayer

    Confession: I don’t actually know John Mayer, but I was listening to him talk about a song and he had some really interesting advice about confronting your inner bully. Check out today’s video to see what I learned!

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    How to Handle Body Stress

    I’ve received tons of questions about body stress and how it relates to prom/Memorial Day Weekend. It’s hard to have fun when you’re worrying about what you look like. Body stress is something everyone deals with and today I’m sharing one of the most important things we can …

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    A Day in Life

    Last Tuesday, I shared on Snapchat a day in life! Like I always say to my students,  you are only seeing what people WANT to show you on social media, so I decided to be honest and write down all the things that it didn’t …

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    What to do if You’re Afraid to Raise your Hand in School

    I totally relate to being nervous about speaking in school! I worried about what other people thought and if I was going to sound stupid. Being in my own head really took me out of the moment. It’s hard to focus on learning when you’re terrified of …

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    When you Feel Pressure to be Cool

    Everyone at some point has felt pressure to be cool. Whether it’s playing a certain sport, being in a certain group of friends, or going to a specific party, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Check out today’s video for some relief …

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    Dealing with Emotional Stress

    Today, I’m sharing what an awesome yoga teacher told my class that totally changed the way I looked at emotional stress. Sometimes we judge our feelings (like we SHOULD be something or SHOULDN’T feel a certain way) when it’s possible to have many feelings at once. …

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    Confident Test Taking

    As part of my Test Stress Management Sessions, I see first hand how confidence is correlated to test scores. One thing we do often is second guess ourselves. This wastes time and stops us from moving onto to other questions that we might know better. Self-trust during tests …

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    How to Find your Zen

    Originally published on Spire & Co Last week, I wore my new zenned OUT tee when a stranger told me she loved the shirt, but she was the least zen person ever. “Please, I’m my own kind of zen,” I replied.  Zen doesn’t have to …

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