The Subtle Ways to be Sweetly Seen

✨Tried to write a blog, but came out easier as a video! What I’ve been working on lately with my students (and myself): The Subtle Ways to be Sweetly Seen✨







What to do if You’re Afraid to Raise your Hand in School

I totally relate to being nervous about speaking in school! I worried about what other people thought and if I was going to sound stupid. Being in my own head really took me out of the moment. It’s hard to focus on learning when you’re terrified of being called on! Check out today’s video for an idea that really helped me.


The Only Resolution you Need to get Everything you Want

Last week I wrote an article for Spire & Co after everything online told me about different ways to improve myself for 2016. Now, I’m all about a fresh start, but instead of changing yourself, I have a different resolution for you: santosha. Santosha is a Sanskrit word meaning contentment. It’s to recognize that you are enough as you are. We ladies feel the pressure to be all the things. We need to be good at every school subject, be in a certain friend group, maintain a specific body type, and post it all online. Those are just things on the outside trying to make us feel better on the inside. Santosha challenges us to know what you need you already have within yourself.

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Modern Mentor Year in Review

As we head into 2016, I wanted to share my most popular videos over the year. It’s like a big #MeToo or knowing that you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through. Check out what topics were important to girls in 2015!

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

A couple of weekends ago, I worked on an exciting project with my students (which I cannot wait to share with you soon). During it, I asked each girl what her favorite topic that we’ve covered during our Mentoring Sessions was. EVERY girl said the advice they got about sleeping better was really helpful, so I decided to share it here on the blog today!


Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Prom

The whole prom process was stressful for me. Between asking someone to the dance (I went to an all girls high school), finding a dress that I actually felt good in, and praying that I was invited to an after-party, I didn’t really have that much fun because of all the pressure I put on myself. This is all the best Modern Mentor advice for a having authentic fun at prom!


How to Get a Boyfriend

When my student asked me to help her get a boyfriend I knew exactly what I wanted to tell her. As a professional big sister I get relationship questions all the time. In a world of Snapchat, texts, and dating apps, finding someone that’s a good fit can be confusing. If you’ve ever wondered what you need to do to get a boyfriend this blog is for you!


How to Handle Other People’s Bad Attitudes

It stinks when you’re excited about something and the people around you aren’t. Maybe you really like soccer practice but everyone else complains about the coach. Maybe you’re really excited about a class, but everyone is down on it. You can’t change other people, but you can help to make the situation better. Click the video to hear what to do when the people around you have a bad attitude.


How to Create Happy Body Habits

Sometimes it’s hard to like the way you look. When we think or do negative things to our bodies, it can become a habit without us even knowing it. In today’s video, I’m giving step by step advice for creating happy body habits. You were given your body so that you could share your gifts, not get upset when it doesn’t look the way you want. Check out this video to learn how to make liking yourself a habit!


How to Actually Talk to Your Parents

Going to your parents for advice can sometimes be hard, but I know from experience that if you open up to them they can actually be a big help. Plus, they really want to hear from you! Today, I’m sharing helpful tips for talking to your parents or anyone you’re thinking of going to for advice.


What to do when your Best Friend Moves

My best friend moved from NYC to Los Angeles at the end of June. This became a total #MeToo Moment when in a Mentoring Session one of my students told me her best friend was moving too. While it can be sad you won’t see your BFF as often, there are a lot of things to look forward to when a friend moves.


What to do when Mom stops you from doing something fun!

So the title of this one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s one of the main questions I get. Sometimes our parents can feel like a roadblock to our fun, but what if there was another way to look at it? Check it out!!


What to do when you feel like you don’t have a Best Friend (and Everyone else does)

Today’s topic is super important before heading back to school. My students and I have been chatting and one of the biggest worries is friendship. Sometimes we haven’t seen our school friends in awhile and wonder if we’re going to get back into the flow of things. Still the fear I hear about the most is not having a best friend when everyone else does. In today’s video, I’m giving advice about comparing our friendships to others and what to remember on your first day of school!


What Happens When you Put Away your Phone

A couple weeks ago, my student, Caroline, and I did a phone challenge. I read an article about someone who never looked at his phone when he was around other people so I wanted to try it. Let me tell you… it. was. hard. Check out today’s video where we chat about how it went and what we learned!


How to get Beautiful Skin

My best friend, McKenzie, is the Global Trainer and Lead Aesthetician at Tata Harper, an amazing natural skin care brand. Today she’s giving us all the scoop on how to get great skin. In this video, we cover how to clear up blemishes, what to do after a workout, and the biggest secret to beauty. This might be my most favorite video ever!

Also because McKenzie is one of the most generous people I know, she’s giving away Tata Harper products on my Instagram.  Check out it out later today for all the details on how to win the essentials package. It’s magical. Thanks McKenzie for all your amazing tips! I feel so lucky to be your friend!





How to think about Happiness when you’re Unhappy

I originally had a different blog planned for today, but the idea of happiness came up a lot in my groups lately. I think we have the misguided idea that we have to be happy all the time or push down uncomfortable feelings. The opposite is actually true. Instead of aiming for happiness, we should be moving towards wholeness. Check out today’s blog to hear a story about when I was unhappy and the question that got me through it!

Advice I got from my Favorite Song on How to be Open Minded

I’m obsessed with music and the other day as I meditated to my favorite song (PS while we’re at it… May I also suggest my Fall Meditation playlist! Get your sit on!) I realized it was giving me the best advice about being open. Being open can be scary. We can be nervous about what people think or failing, but it’s actually such an amazing thing. Check out the video for advice on ways we close ourselves off and how to open ourselves up!




How to Create a Modern Mentor Survival Kit

I talk a lot about setting yourself up to win, which means doing things for yourself now that can eliminate stress later. Part of getting rid of unnecessary anxiety is having the things I need… when I actually need them. Today I’m sharing what my survival kit looks like. Being prepared makes me happy!

Survival Kit Pic

  • 1. Hairbrush
    • This mini hairbrush is perfect for a really quick hair touch up in between activities.
  • 2. Stain Remover Stick/Pad
    • Nothing makes me feel less confident than knowing I have a stain on my clothes.
  • 3. Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment
    • My bff works for Tata Harper and when I told her how running around makes me stressed she recommended this product. Just a dab on my wrists/neck and it helps me calm down.
  • 4. iPhone Charger
    • My phone dies super fast and I make sure I always have a charger so I never get stranded somewhere without battery. Also, I was VERY  pleased to have charged my phone when my car broke down on the highway last year!
  • 5. Stila Eyeliner
    • This is my favorite liquid eyeliner. I never wear eyeshadow and just go right for a winged eyeliner. During the day, I need touch ups though so I always have it with me.
  •  6. Advil
    • I get unexpected migraine headaches so these are a must.
  • 7. Highlighters
    • Making my to-do lists colorful makes me SO HAPPY. is a super fun company and I love browsing their website.
  • 8. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • I’m not a big fan of gum because of the fake sugar in it, so I keep a travel size toothbrush with me.
  • 9. Tampons
    • You never want to be caught without a tampon when you need one.
  • 10. Black Pen
    • I’m always writing things down, taking student notes, or brainstorming my next big idea. I also have a favorite pen and this is it.
  • 11. Modern Mentor Hair Ties
    • I always have two! One for my hair and another to give away to a friend.
  • 12. #MeToo Tattoos
    • To use when I need a reminder that everyone all goes through the same things. Also the most fun to use when getting together with friends. #instagram
  • 13. Nail Polish Remover
    • I hate when my nails are chipped and this takes it off so fast!
  • 14. Modern Mentor Card
    • You never know when you want to keep in touch with someone. There are so many websites where you can get cute cards printed with your email address and phone number. I totally recommend it. You never know who you’re going to meet!
  • 15. Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes
    • These are the best. I use them after dance and yoga to keep my skin clean! Also good after you eat something messy… #tacos.
  • 16. Headphones
    • If you follow me on Spotify, you already know I’m obsessed with music. Headphones are probably the most important item to me. I never know when I’m going to NEED to listen to my favorite song.
  • 17. Bobby pins
    • To keep my hair and my headphones untangled.




What to do when a Friend Acts Differently in a Group than she does One-on-One

This question is a total #MeToo moment because I always have girls reaching out on the topic. You have a friend that you love to spend time with one-on-one, but the second you’re in a group, the dynamic changes. Maybe she’s trying to impress boys or puts a lot of emphasis on being popular, but either way it doesn’t make you feel good. Check out the video to learn how to handle this situation because I have definitely been there!

How to Create Happy Body Habits

Many of my students have come to me with summer body stress and I’ve been mentoring girls towards creating HAPPY habits. Happiness is a choice and defaulting to self-love and acceptance takes practice, especially when it comes to loving what you look like. You were given your body to share your gifts; not as a vehicle to beat yourself up. Whether you’re aware of it or not, we’ve all created body habits that we do without even being mindful if they’re helping us or holding us back. In order to feel positive about your looks, you’ve got to look at the patterns you’ve formed that’s why we’re focusing on creating happy habits. Click here for more.