Why Expectations Get the Better of You!

Expectations. We all have them. We expect a situation to turn out a specific way. We expect others to act certain ways, do particular things, to fulfill certain needs for us and when they don’t, well, we get disappointed. The word “disappoint” is defined as “to fail to fulfill the expectations or wishes of.” Why are we using our time and brain power on wishing people would act certain ways?

Press play to find out what to expect when you have expectations:






We have no control over what people do so why use your energy on it? Instead think about where your real power lies. You have the ability to control how you act and how you perceive a person or situation. In those moments where you feel let down by a friend, disappointed in a romantic partner or upset at a parent, remember that the only person you can change is yourself. Ask yourself, did my expectations of this person cause this discomfort? Expectations are super limiting. I wouldn’t want the pressure of living up to someone’s expectations of me so why would I put that on someone else?