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    A Lesson in Getting What you Need

    This is a good one! The big lesson I learned a couple weeks ago. A post shared by Maggie DiPasquale (@maggiedipasquale) on May 18, 2018 at 11:35am PDT

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    How to Reflect on 2017

    Last week, I held a Holiday HangIn in Hoboken where my students and I reflected on our milestones of 2017, shared what we are grateful for, and set intentions for 2018. A fun way to look at all the different ways that the girls have grown …

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  • Conditional Friends

    Conditional Friendship

    Do you have conditional friendships? If you feel like someone is only friends with you based on certain terms then this video is for you!          

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    Stay in your Own Lane

    The phrase “stay in your own lane” can be another way to tell someone to mind their own business, but today, I’m talking about it as if you’re saying it to yourself. It’s this phrase that I repeat when I find myself putting a lot …

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    What to do when you’ve said Something Stupid

    There’s not a person on the planet that hasn’t had the experience of feeling like they’ve said something stupid. I know I overthink what I say a million times over. In today’s video, I’m giving advice on what to do when you torture yourself by replaying …

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  • Whats Your Love Lang

    What’s Your Love Language?

    Did you know a quiz could be really important to your relationships? The 5 Love Languages, which profiles your emotional communication preference is beginning to become a staple in my private sessions. It’s especially useful when navigating friendships. People give and show love in different ways and sometimes …

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    How One Word can Change your World

    This week, I got lots of questions about being left out and actually got excluded from a hang out myself. Talk about practicing what you preach! In today’s video, I share the technique I used to help myself feel better. Also this video helps too!

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    A Day in Life

    Last Tuesday, I shared on Snapchat a day in life! Like I always say to my students,  you are only seeing what people WANT to show you on social media, so I decided to be honest and write down all the things that it didn’t …

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    What to do if You’re Afraid to Raise your Hand in School

    I totally relate to being nervous about speaking in school! I worried about what other people thought and if I was going to sound stupid. Being in my own head really took me out of the moment. It’s hard to focus on learning when you’re terrified of …

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    When you Feel Pressure to be Cool

    Everyone at some point has felt pressure to be cool. Whether it’s playing a certain sport, being in a certain group of friends, or going to a specific party, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Check out today’s video for some relief …

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