so like… what’s mentoring like?

Mentorship for Post-grads, Teens, and Tweens

because doing anything for the first time can be intimidating and I want to take some of the stress out of it






Sometimes when people think about talking to someone it bring up the idea of sitting in a sterile room with a clinical person. With mentorship we can grab coffee, hang out, take a walk, chat on the phone/FaceTime. It’s not just starring at each other in a cold room! I know college counseling centers can be busy. With mentoring, we chat at times that work for you whether it’s in between classes or on the weekends. ⁣

What do we talk about? ⁣

Truly anything, everything, and nothing. Nervous about starting a conversation? I got you. Don’t want to talk about something? We don’t have to. Have a lot on your chest? Vent away! Want to meditate? We can do that too. This is for you!⁣

What happens after? ⁣

Growth is not linear. I encourage all my students to be gentle with themselves. Mentorship is a form of self-care and know that I have your back (I’ll even tell you in follow-up texts)! ⁣

Sending everyone  a big hug!

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